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Our vision at SASS is to ensure that every individual, organisation, or group has the freedom to choose not to align with any particular religious belief or system. We should be able to do this without facing discrimination, disadvantage or legal recrimination. We believe that this choice should be available to everyone in both private and public spheres of society throughout their life, enabling individuals to live a fulfilling life on their own terms, free from the constraints of religious dogma.


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    Secularism in South Africa

    Secularism is the strict separation of religious institutions from the state, and the recognition of all people as equal before the law, regardless of religion or lack thereof. South Africa’s Bill of Rights (1997) is a Human Rights Charter protecting the civil, political and socio-economic rights of all citizens. Section 15 of this Bill enshrines the right to freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief, and opinion. Secularism/non-belief/atheism is, however, still very much stigmatised in our country.

    At SASS it is our intent to engage in a meaningful way with organisations, the public, the government, and institutions in order to provide information, education, and support, and promulgate freedom of choice that is also free from discrimination to interested parties..

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