Secular Society

Membership Options

Join SASS as a member and help us make a difference in the community! We offer two membership options, as well as a donation option, to suit your needs.

SASS is dedicated to promoting and supporting a naturalistic worldview, which emphasises science, reason, and evidence-based thinking. Our mission is to provide a community and resources for non-religious individuals, and to foster education, dialogue, and outreach to promote understanding and acceptance of non-theistic worldviews.

Regular Membership: As a regular member, you’ll be joining a community of passionate individuals committed to creating positive change in South Africa. Membership fees are available monthly, quarterly, or annually, and all fees are subject to change annually.

Marriage Officer Membership: If you’ve passed our marriage officer evaluation process, you can opt for this membership option, which provides you with additional benefits, such as specialised training and access to our network of marriage officers to support you.

Donation Option: If you’re unable to commit to a membership but would still like to support our cause, you can make a one-time or recurring donation to SASS.

We wanted to remind you that your membership fees for SASS are non-refundable. By joining SASS you accept our Code of Conduct.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make a difference – join SASS today!

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