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Welcome, the following links will provide you with information about upcoming events, speaker events, and SASS member meetings. This page will also include keynote speakers invited to address topics of interest with us.

We would remind members that there is an obligation for all service members to attend our meetings in order to stay connected.

By joining any of the SASS chat groups you must adhere to the Code of Conduct

Telegram & Other Platforms

What it is about

We, the South Africa Secular Society, are helping people, who seek to live good lives without religious or superstitious beliefs, to meet in their local area. The idea is to build a community where members can freely chat and get to know each other.

Telegram is a real time chat application, similar to WhatsApp and Messenger. You can get the Telegram application from your relevant App Store / Play Store. More details on the app and where to get it is at the bottom of this page.

These created groups on Telegram allow for those interested to have their voices heard and form part of the growing secular community. These groups are nation wide.


Topic Focused Groups

Nationwide groups that allow for interested individuals to have their voices heard and form part of the growing secular community.

SASS: Asking for a friend

Secular chatter

Secular Parenting

Atheist Response


Regional Groups

SASS has a list of various regional groups. Meet and get to know other non-believers in your area, be informed of upcoming meets, activities, and issues in your region.

For Cape Town-based events, see here:

For Gauteng-based events, have a look at this page

Getting Telegram

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PC (Browser)

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