Secular Society


Affiliations to other Secular Organisations

SASS takes pride in our strong network of affiliations with various secular interest groups, both locally and internationally. 

We believe in the collective power of collaboration to advance the cause of secularism and create meaningful change in society. These affiliations provide a platform for mutual support, knowledge sharing, and the exchange of ideas. We actively support and endorse our affiliated groups, recognising the invaluable work they do in driving positive impact and promoting secular values.


Nuwe Hervorming Netwerk

Secular Policy Institute

Humanist International

Recovering From Religion (RfR)

The Free Society Institute

Together we are working towards creating a more inclusive, tolerant, and rational society.

Why Collaborate with SASS?

Collective Impact By partnering with SASS, organisations gain access to a vibrant and engaged community of individuals who are passionate about secularism and its principles.

Networking Connect with a diverse range of organisations and individuals who share similar goals and values. Benefit from the exchange of ideas, experiences and best practices .

Resource Sharing Access a wealth of resources, knowledge, and expertise through our network of affiliations. Collaborate on joint projects, share educational materials, and support one another in achieving common objectives.

Advocacy Support Benefit from SASS’s advocacy efforts and expertise in navigating the legal, social, and political landscape.

Visibility and Recognition We actively promote our affiliated organisations, providing a platform to showcase their work and reach a broader audience.

How to Collaborate:

If your organisation shares the aims and values of SASS and is interested in collaborating, we invite you to contact us.