Secular Charter

The Secular Charter

We campaign for a secular state, a state in which:

  • there is no established state religion;
  • there is one law for all and its application is not hindered or replaced by religious codes or processes;
  • there is no privileged position in society or advantage in law for any individual or group by virtue of their religion or belief, or
  • lack of religion (whether the latter is atheism, agnosticism, non-theism, Humanism or the like);
  • freedom of expression is not restricted by religious considerations;
  • neither the state, nor any emanation of the state, expresses religious beliefs or preferences;
  • religion plays no role in state-funded education, whether through religious affiliation, organised worship, religious instruction, pupil selection or employment discrimination;
  • the state does not engage in, fund or promote religious activities or practices;
  • public and publicly-funded service provision does not discriminate on grounds of religion or belief;
  • the state does not intervene in the setting of religious doctrine or the running of religious organisations.